I've been doing software development full-time for 26 years now. And while I've touched a variety of languages, frameworks and stacks, now that .NET Core is truely cross-platform, it's where I spend most of my time. I'm one of those confused developers who actually does .NET devlopment on a Mac (and yes, I can still use Windows).

Having been interviewed over 100 times in my career as well as interviewing at least 100 developers myself, I realized that all those academic questions during hours of inhumane interviews like "What does the 'L' mean in the SOLID Principal?", "Can you tell me the difference between MVC, MVP, MVT, and MVVM?" or "What's the autocomplexity of searching a red-black tree?" were not a predictor of a prolific or passionate programmer, simply the foundation to become one.

And while those are academically great questions for a college exam, as a client you most likely don't care about the academic definition of the Facade Pattern or if NHibernate is better than Entity Framework.

Don't be conned by corporate consulting companies who will bill you for a team of a 1/2 dozen people at rediculous rates and spend months in "Tiger Teams." Tell me the problem you need to solve and I'll get you there at a fraction of the cost.

This Site

This site is 100% custom built by me using C# Azure Functions as the back-end and a pure static web UI using just common.js and Bootstrap 5.

My Desk

The desk I use was designed by me and built by my father from a white oak that fell at our ranch. It was originally 36" deep to accommodate two 20" CRT monitors in the early 2000s. Now trimmed down, the legs have also been replaced by UpliftDesk's 4-leg height adjustable base.