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ConSim API

We're working on a Board Builder API image/document generator in place of the native desktop app because, well, development is faster. The API accept an input JSON document and responds with an image. The JSON could be submitted manually, via a client app, pulled from a database, or from an automated pipeline.

If you are interested in trying it out then use this canned GET request. Our you can use this basic API tester to submit JSON to POST to get more detailed designs where you can specify a style on each hex.

Use the Text Area to create a JSON document to submit to the API.

The parent structure:

The board structure:

A hex or board space override srtucture

A space icon structure

Color values are specified as RGBA Hex e.g. A3126700. The hash symbol is not required and the last two hex digits indicate the opacity with FF being fully opaque. The pareser will always make an attempt to interpret your color value and fallback to default values.

There are several ways to number each hex. Use the following enumerations in the lseq parameter

Numbering Formats:

Use the following enums (case insensitive) to specify an icon in the board space.